A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to Café Restretto!

Create your own perfect drink by experimenting with a multitude of ingredients in this colorful visual novel!  Play as Machi, the cafe owner, and serve the friendly residents of Cheshyre based on their tastes to learn each person's story.

(Approx. 2 hours for first playthrough)


  • A cast of 6 characters, with each having a unique story path
  • Individual CGs for each character's special ending
  • Customizable drink making system, that allows you to name each recipe you discover
  • Isometric view of the cute cat-themed cafe to traverse
  • Cat-people
  • ...and one very dapper Tutorial Cat, who you CAN pet

Made by UCSC Game Design Students as their senior capstone project!


Ariana Riccio - Producer, Music

Drew Parker - Producer, SFX

Jarreau Ortega - Programming Lead

Maria Feudo - Systems Programmer

Matthew Loebach - Systems Programmer

Angeleen Tan - Art Director, 2D Artist, Programmer

Mai Trang Nguyen - 2D Artist

Taylor Fagundes - 2D Artist

Isaiah Cisneros - 2D Artist, Narrative

Brent Mason Hopkins - Narrative Lead

Petr Lizunov - Narrative


Mocha Magic Windows 80 MB
Mocha Magic Mac 80 MB

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